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All equipment requires service now and again and BPC’s instruments are no exception. For this purpose, we offer several service packages that will extend the lifetime and accuracy of your equipment. As an added bonus, we will also upgrade it to our latest and greatest technology; both software and hardware.

When should I send in a system for service?

We recommend that you service the main units of your AMPTS® II, Gas Endeavour®, AMPTS® II Light and BPC® BioReactor Simulator at least every three years. Give us a call or send us a line and we’ll be able to tell you when you’ve last had a unit serviced. Have the serial number for the equipment at hand.

What about my experiments while my equipment is serviced?

We also offer access to a loan unit while your instrument is in service. Please contact us for further information about this.

Why is regular service needed?

During the life of the equipment, it will be exposed to conditions and usage that wears down some of the parts over time. We want to replace these parts before they start leaking or clogging so that you can focus on what is important – running an experiment from start to finish.

We also want our products to be the best they can be, and we want you to have the best. This is why we also always upgrade every system sent to us to the latest supported version. If we’ve released a new hardware revision or software version, we will upgrade you at no additional cost and you will get shipped back your equipment better than it was the day you first bought it.

What does the service include?

Some parts of an instrument are always exchanged. Flow cells, internal tubing and check valves are all exchanged, every single time. They are the preventive maintenance part of our service.

Some parts of an instrument are upgraded if better versions are available. Software, sensor boards and the embedded server are the main things we look at.

Some parts of an instrument are inspected and exchanged if anything out of the ordinary is detected. Maybe a crack has started to form or a tubing connector is not looking so great. We exchange it before it becomes an issue.

What about the other parts of a system?

While we don’t service the consumable parts, such as stirrers, external tubing or lids, we have put together some maintenance kits that are easy to order and will be sufficient for most cases.

If there are other things that need to be taken care of, you can always visit our webshop to find all the spare parts we offer or contact us directly.

AMPTS II Service Package

Article no: 11-0103-01

AMPTS II Light Service Package

Article no: 11-0103-01

Bioreactor Simulator Service Package

Article no: 11-0103-01




Instrument Service Instructions

Read more on what to include in the shipment when you send us the instrument for service.

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