Low gas volume and flow, high accuracy and precision

BPC® Core

Effortless operation, maximum convenience

BPC Core is a self-contained, high precision gas volume and flow meter array designed for monitoring of up to 9 or 18 parallel gas streams. Its distinctive integrated data acquisition and processing systems enable it to operate autonomously, eliminating the need for a computer or any other external device. Yet, users can conveniently access real-time measurements remotely using any smart device with a web browser.

Article no:

28-0301-01 BPC Core
29-0301-01 BPC Core Light

Web-based convenience: User-friendly web-based software runs on an embedded server, eliminating the need for software installation on PC, tablet or smartphones.

Remote access: BPC Core can be accessed both locally and remotely from any device with a web browser, ensuring flexibility and convenience.

Automated measurement: automatic real-time pressure, temperature, and moisture compensation for accurate measurements.

Calibration-free operation: BPC Core operates without the need for calibration, simplifying maintenance and ensuring consistent performance. 

Multiplexing potential: Take advantage of the multiplexing capability, allowing simultaneous batch and continuous analysis at different start-up times. Benefit from the flexibility to operate both batch and continuous operational modes effortlessly. Seamlessly switch between batch and continuous operation, empowering users with versatile experimentation options.

Easy maintenance: The modular design of BPC Core facilitates easy exchange, making maintenance hassle-free.

Local data storage: All data is stored locally on the instrument, eliminating the dependence on external computers and ensuring data security. 

Streamlined data processing: Export data as a spreadsheet for further analysis, featuring a uniform time axis for easy processing and interpretation.  

High data storage capacity: Up to 130 000 liters of gas data storage capacity enable extensive data collection and analysis. 

Real-time measurements: Simultaneous monitoring of multiple gas types.

Various time intervals: BPC Blue generates outputs at customizable time intervals, ranging from a data point very minute to one every day, providing flexibility for your specific needs.

Gas composition estimates: Connect in series to get real time estimation of gas composition.

Agitation control: Capability to control BPC Instrument agitation system.

Customized output: Generates data points at various time intervals, from every minute to once daily.

Dual measurement resolutions: Switch between 2 ml and 9 ml resolution for flexibility.

Versatile operation: Operate in both batch and continuous modes for a wide range of applications.


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BPC Core working principle

1. Gas is collected under a flow cell in a chamber filled with water. While the flow cell is in its sitting position, a magnet located at its end is in contact with a sensor below it.

2. Once a certain volume has been collected, the force of buyuoance makes the flow cell open and release the gas. The magnet at the tip of the flow cell then loses it contact with the sensor and a measurement point is detected. For each point, the ambient temperature and pressure is registered to  be used adjusting the gas volume to standard conditions.

Effortless operation, maximum convenience

It`s all automatic! This translates to reduced labour costs, eliminating the need for expert assistance, and no more jotting down results in Excel files or notebooks. A user-friendly, intuitive interface simplifies the setup and monitoring of gas evolution or consumption processes. Whether it’s a research project or an industrial application, using BPC Core is a breeze. Just fill the measurement flow cells of BPC Core with deionized water, connect the unit to a power source, then start your experiment.

Row of flow cell units FCU for gas flow measurements
Close up of BPC Core with 9ML flow cell units FCU for gas flow measurements

Versatile gas volume and flow measurement

BPC Core offers users the ability to measure low gas volume and flow with exceptional accuracy and precision. This intelligent analytical instrument finds application in a wide array of fields, serving both research and industrial purposes, including:

  • Biogas production
  • Animal nutrition studies
  • Wastewater analyses
  • Ethanol and yeast fermentation
  • Biohydrogen production
  • Greenhouse gas emissions
  • Evaluation of microbial communities
    and their activity and more

AURORA™ Software, pre-installed on BPC Core

Elevate process analysis and monitoring with Aurora™ software

Aurora™ embodies BPC Instruments’ state-of-the-art software solution for gas volume and flow measurement. Its user-friendly design streamlines experiment setup, real-time monitoring of gas evolution or consumption, and the seamless retrieval of results and report generation. Aurora™ is seamlessly integrated as a web-based software, a built-in component of the instrument package, offering pre-installed access and obviating the necessity for software licenses or external computer installations.

Precise agitation control

BPC Core offers precise agitation control with its built-in capability to manage agitation system from BPC Instruments. Users can adjust speed, direction, and on/off timings to meet any specific requirements, ensuring thorough mixing.

Photograph of BPC motor and stirrer

Durable and reliable

Designed and manufactured in Sweden, BPC Core embodies the finest aspects of Scandinavian design, seamlessly blending form and function for exceptional quality and reliability. Rest assured, BPC Core safeguards user’s data, even in the event of a power or system failure.

Dual measurement resolutions

BCP Core offers two measurement resolutions – 2 ml and 9 ml – that users can effortlessly switch between.

Access results anywhere, anytime, on any device

BPC Core seamlessly connects to user’s local network or the internet, thanks to its integrated software feature for identifying IP addresses. This means that users from both diverse industries and academic institutions worldwide can conveniently monitor real-time measurements from any smart device with standard web browser, including computers, tables and mobile phones.

BPC Core configurations

BPC Core presents two versions of its self-contained, high-precision gas volume and flow meter array: a standard 18-channel edition and a compact 9-channel Light variant.

BPC Core 18 channels

BPC Core Light 9 channels

BPC Detection Unit 9 channel light



BPC Core


Technical Specifications

Measurement performance

  • Working principle: liquid displacement and buoyancy

  • Number of flow cell units: 18 or 9

  • Measurement resolution: 2 and 9 ml

  • Detection capacity: 30 000 litres for 2 ml flow cell and 130 000 litres for 9 ml flow cell

  • Measuring range: 0.2 to 1500 ml/h for 2 ml flow cell and 1 to 6000 ml/h for 9 ml flow cell

  • Repeatability: CV ≤ 3% for 2 ml flow cell and CV ≤ 1% for 9 ml flow cell

  • Gases: Non aggressive gases (e.g. CH4, CO2, H2, N2)

Measurement and weight

  • BPC Core base unit: 55 x 19 x 17 cm; 3000 g

  • Flow cell unit: 138 x 102 x 45 mm; 134 g (w/o water)

  • Power supply unit: 89 x 48 x 33 mm; 127 g

  • Gas connector diameter: ID: 2.4-2.6 mm; OD: 4.2-4.7 mm

  • Recommended tube size: ID: 3.2 mm; OD: 6.4 mm


  • Built-in sensors: temperature, pressure, hall, accelerometer

  • Connections: Ethernet, power supply, USB B, motor control

  • Display: OLED 2.8” 256 x 64 white

  • Housing: aluminium and plastic

  • Power supply: 12 V DC / 1.0 A with 100-240 VAC

  • Usage: Indoor

  • Measurement medium: deionised or distilled water

  • Operation temperature: 0 – 50 °C

  • Operation pressure: -50 – 50 mbar


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