Leading gas volume and flow analysis

Better business and research is all about people. But using smarter instruments that use less resources can make a huge difference. Our automated equipment helps you perform efficient, reliable and high- quality research and analysis. You analyse more, more often and more professionally; all while reducing the time, labour and skill requirements.

Apply gas meter instruments

to your business


For others it’s waste; for you it’s money. Start maximising your biogas plant output and profit by reducing random errors caused by manual analysis. Don't waste it!

Biodegradability & Compostability

Plastics and packaging materials could be more fantastic if they are biodegradable. Our smart equipment helps you make the most of nature. Let's save the future together!

Animal & Human Nutrition

A healthy business starts with healthy animals. Making the most of feed and feed additives is your business. Instruments to make them better is ours. It is time we talked?

Wastewater Treatment

You want to optimise wastewater treatment processes and reduce the environmental impact. Our smart instruments help you reduce costs and labour while you do it.


Get the best performance from your dark fermentation processes. Use our automated testing equipment to increase the quality and quantity of your process development.

Shake Flask Fermentations

Are you looking for additional gallons of ethanol production in fermentation? Want to find out how? Use our automated equipment ”to put your plant in a bottle”.

Better results with less effort?

  • Excellence is built on precision and accuracy
  • Reduce time consumption and labour requirement
  • Less skill dependent for precise and accurate data
  • Analytical platforms for a wide applications
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