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A world leading company in greentech with instruments sold to both industrial and academic sectors in near 70 countries

BPC Instruments main ambition is to develop and distribute automated, analytical instruments that allow for a more efficient, reliable, and higher quality research and analysis in the area of low gas volume and flow rate analytical instruments for biotechnology-related applications. The result is significant reductions in time consumption and labor requirement for performing tedious analysis, as well as more efficient use of manpower resources. The business is based on a foundation built on results and experiences by scientists who have created a well-established and IP-protected niche product portfolio. BPC instruments continue to develop new solutions based on innovative ideas. This has enabled the company to continuously become cash flow positive over ten years and establish a client base across near 70 nations.

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The company is a pioneer in its field, and the Board of Directors estimates that the company’s current share of the global market of feedstock quality analysis in biogas production equals approx. 90 percent. BPC Instruments has recently expanded towards other biotech business fields including biodegradability of plastics and in-vitro feed analysis for animal farming. The company aims to expand from a single niche market to multiple biotech industrial markets and have a substantial first-mover advantage.

BPC Instruments’ shares are listed on Spotlight Stock Market since December 16, 2021. The shares are traded under the ticker name “BPCINS”, with ISIN code SE0017130826.

What problems are we solving for our customers?


The general problems for bioanalysis with conventional analysis that is operated manually are:

  • Time-consuming and labor-intensive work for all biotech laboratory analyses.
  • Large random error due to manual operation.
  • Poor data quality and quantity.
  • Individual skill dependence and lack of standardization.
  • Due to labor-intensive work in conventional analysis, the cost of skilled labor is very high.

Our financial record and key figures of 2021

Net sales MSEK
26.45* (22.11)
Net profit MSEK 
5.21 (4.99)
Cash & cash equivalents at the end of 2021 (MSEK)
18.00 (8.50)
P/E                   P/S
18.48*              3.20*
Earnings per share SEK
0.44 (0.40)
Annual Net Sales Growth
Annual Turnover MSEK
29.65 (24.37)

* Last updated on THU 13th OCT 17:00 CET.

Strong sales performance and steady growth in the last five years

The financial figures for 2021 show that we are keeping a solid and stable trend. We see an increasing interest in BPC and our technology, and in 2021 we achieved a record-high turnover for our flagship products Gas Endeavour® and AMPTS® II. Net sales revenue amounted to SEK 26.4 million with a profit before tax of SEK 5.2 million. The net sales of our flagship products surpassed our Q1, H1, Q3, Q4 and H2 2021 expectations. Our annual financial figures show 19.4 % net sales growth meaning BPC has kept the solid and stable trend and demonstrates remarkable growth in the most unstable times.

We will work hard to keep our intelligent analytical instruments as the top choice of universities, research institutes, and service providers worldwide.

Current market and business potential

BPC Instruments currently operates as a niche player within the biotech analytical instrument sector, taking a small market share from each sector of the larger markets it operates within. We are currently active in the biogas and biodegradability market. BPC Instruments market solutions for a range of applications, including biogas production, animal nutrition, bioplastics and biodegradability, bioethanol production, wastewater treatment, and biohydrogen production.

We assess that the demand for biomethane and liquified biomethane for the biogas market is going to be high due to the recent spike in energy prices and the recently announced European Commission’s plan, REPowerEU. Where increased biogas production has been identified as an essential renewable energy source to phase out dependence on imports of natural gas.

As a pioneer in quality analysis for biogas production, we see excellent business opportunities and increased market potential as the new investments and policies support biogas production. Furthermore, the market demand for instruments of biodegradability analysis is increasing due to new regulations and policies on the elimination of one-time used plastic and reducing pollution in the environment.

Why invest in BPC?

  1. From a niche player in a single niche market to a niche player in multiple biotechnology sectors.
  2. Our business operation is in a rapid transition towards the digitalization of marketing, sales, product training and support.
  3. Business development with core competence and focus on green technologies, renewable resources, sustainability and innovation in biotechnology analysis.
  4. Outstanding business record provides a concrete foundation for BPC to grab new opportunities for business growth.
  5. Highly competent staff and excellent team spirit – we love and are proud of what we have achieved so far and have a great passion for what we could do going forward.
  6. Management team and board with strong business and scientific expertise and experience. Our operational team behind BPC Instruments is dependable and worth investing in!

Objectives for 2022

Financial objectives

  • +10 percent annual growth of the net sales revenue 
  • Despite the challenges of global economic degression and inflation, continue being a solid, stable and profitable company with good business growth

Operational objectives

  • Initiate the process of moving part of the production and full logistics in-house, today run through an external supplier in Malmö.
  • Market a breakthrough in offering instruments for various biodegradability analyses, developing four specific Gas Endavour® packages for biodegradability analyses in aqueous and marine environments, soil, controlled composting conditions and anaerobic slurry conditions.
  • Launch a new generation series of flagship products including BPC® Go, AMPTS® III, Gas Endeavor® II, BioReactor Simulator II to meet the demand of market expansion in biogas, biodegradability, in-vitro digestibility and the wastewater analysis market.

BPC Instruments is a good example of a company with low risk and high opportunity for return. Join us on the exciting journey we are on and expect to accelerate in the coming years!

Dr. Jing Liu, CEO of BPC Instruments AB

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