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PRESS RELEASE 2023-03-16

BPC Instruments launches AMPTS® III – the next-generation instrument for biogas production

News 2023-03-15

Interview with CEO– “BPC is well-positioned to capitalize on the growing demand for sustainable solutions.”

press release 2023-03-14

Reverse profit warning - BPC to grow significantly in Q1 2023

PRESS RELEASE 2023-03-07

BPC receives an additional order for multiple Gas Endeavour® systems after successful testing

PRESS RELEASE 2023-02-24

BPC Instruments ends agreement on liquidity provider

PRESS RELEASE 2023-02-21

BPC Instruments reports fourth quarter and full-year results 2022

NEWS 2023-02-16

Interview with CEO – “We are futureproofing our production to meet the increasing global demand”

PRESS RELEASE 2023-02-10

BPC receives an order of 81 000 € for several analytical instruments

PRESS RELEASE 2023-02-01

Fore C Investment takes over LU Holding’s shareholding and becomes the new fourth major shareholder of BPC Instruments

PRESS RELEASE 2023-02-01

BPC Instruments joins Swedish Biogas Solutions Research Center as an industrial partner

PRESS RELEASE 2023-01-31

BPC receives an order for two Gas Endeavour® systems for compostability analysis after a successful demonstration

PRESS RELEASE 2023-01-25

BPC Instruments secures its future production by establishing a Joint Venture firm

PRESS RELEASE 2023-01-19

BPC Instruments selected as member of the European Biomethane Industrial Partnership to enable increased biogas production in Europe

NEWS 2023-01-17

Recent survey shows BPC’s customers are extremely satisfied

NEWS 2022-12-22

Letter from the CEO – summarizing an eventful 2022

PRESS RELEASE 2022-12-06

BPC receives a significant order from Japan of six complete Gas Endeavour® systems

NEWS 2022-12-05

BPC Instruments presents at Aktiespararna Lund’s Annual Meeting on December 7, 2022

PRESS RELEASE 2022-11-18

BPC Instruments launches BPC® Move – next generation mechanical mixing for a wide range of laboratory applications

NEWS 2022-11-15

Interview with CEO – “We continue our expansion into new market segments”

PRESS RELEASE 2022-11-11

Interim report January – September 2022

PRESS RELEASE 2022-11-09

BPC receives significant order of six complete AMPTS® systems

NEWS 2022-10-28

BPC Instruments’ CEO interviewed by Börsvärlden

PRESS RELEASE 2022-10-13

Increased client interest in BPC – over 1000 cited scientific articles

PRESS RELEASE 2022-08-25

BPC Instruments files additional patent application for its next-generation instruments

PRESS RELEASE 2022-08-16

Half-year report January – June 2022 for BPC Instruments

PRESS RELEASE 2022-06-17

Increasing market interest globally on the latest launched BPC® Go - the new generation gas volume and flow meter

PRESS RELEASE 2022-06-16

Increased order intake and market growth in the European biogas market

PRESS RELEASE 2022-05-27

Kommuniké från årsstämma i BPC Instruments AB / Resolutions of the Annual General Meeting of BPC Instruments AB

PRESS RELEASE 2022-05-06

Publication of BPC Instruments’ 2021 Annual Report

PRESS RELEASE 2022-05-06

Interim report January – March 2022 for BPC Instruments

PRESS RELEASE 2022-05-03

BPC Instruments presented its expansion into new business segments and solid business growth at Sedermeradagen Stockholm

PRESS RELEASE 2022-04-25

Kallelse till årsstämma i BPC Instruments AB (Notice to the Annual General Meeting in BPC Instruments AB)

PRESS RELEASE 2022-04-20

BPC Instruments has been granted a European patent for its core analytical technology in the biogas field

PRESS RELEASE 2022-04-20

BPC Instruments broadens the product range and enters a new business segment – biodegradability evaluation of plastics

PRESS RELEASE 2022-04-05

BPC Instruments files another patent application for a new product line

PRESS RELEASE 2022-04-04

BPC Instruments’ market potential increases as the Swedish Government announces biogas investment plan in 2022

PRESS RELEASE 2022-04-04

BPC Instruments files new patent application for future instrument products

PRESS RELEASE 2022-03-24

BPC Instruments moves to new premises and takes an important step forward in its business expansion

PRESS RELEASE 2022-03-18

BPC Instruments presented its solid business case and future plans at Aktiedagen Stockholm

PRESS RELEASE 2022-03-07

BPC Instruments presents at Aktiedagen Stockholm, Monday 14th March

PRESS RELEASE 2022-03-01

BPC Instruments announces the global launch of BPC® Go

PRESS RELEASE 2022-02-22

Fourth quarter and year-end finanical report 2021

PRESS RELEASE 2021-12-16

First day of trading in BPC Instruments’ shares at Spotlight Stock Market

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PRESS RELEASE 2021-12-03

Fully subscribed IPO of shares in BPC Instruments AB

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PRESS RELEASE 2021-11-17

BPC Instruments presents at a live web presentation with Finwire Media

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PRESS RELEASE 2021-11-17

The subscription period begins in BPC Instruments AB issue of shares prior to planned listing on Spotlight Stock Market

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PRESS RELEASE 2021-11-15

BPC Instruments AB receives preliminary approval for listing and publishes memorandum in connection with planned IPO

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PRESS RELEASE 2021-10-25

BPC Instruments AB appoints Sedermera Fondkommission as Financial Advisor to Support Planned Listing on Spotlight Stock Market

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