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Old BioReactor Simulator cloud application will close down

After the 30th of September, 2021 the above mentioned application will close down and it will no longer be possible to use it. In order to have a working instrument after this date, you will have to migrate your instrument to the new BRS cloud platform that is accessed via https://unity.bioprocesscontrol.com. This migration is free of charge but require that you contact us to assist you with it.

Adobe stops supporting Flash® Player

Adobe will stop distributing and supporting Flash® Player after Dec 31, 2020. Please read important information about Adobe Flash® Player end-of-life (EOL), its impact to utilisation of BPC’s instruments and our solutions!

Motor settings

AMPTS® II, AMPTS® II Light, Gas Endeavour® and BRS instruments equipped with the latest version of the embedded server has a known issue if the motor on and off mode is set to change too frequently.

Change of batteries

AMPTS® II, AMPTS® II Light, Gas Endeavour® and BRS instruments with earlier versions of the embedded server are equipped with two alkaline AA batteries to maintain the RTC (Real Time Clock).