Reliable and efficient mechanical mixing for laboratory applications

BPC® Move

Leading edge mechanical mixing for laboratory applications

BPC® Move is a compact standalone mechanical agitator ideal for easy, reliable mixing, dispersion and dissolution of particle-free solution and slurries. It combines the strength and reliability of mechanical agitation with the ease-of-use of magnetic stirring. Discover a new type of stirring that will improve user’s laboratory experience significantly.

Article no: 20-0002-01


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BPC Move offers you:

  • A wide range of stirring intensity: 1-600 RPM or 1-220 RPM (silent mode)
  • Various mixing features and agitation movements for both simple and advanced stirring tasks
  • Intuitive and precise control over agitation with OLED display and single multifunctional knob
  • User friendly setup – simple mounting on a standard GL45 laboratory flask without using a laboratory stand
  • Strong and reliable agitation with minimal risk of irregular spin
  • Stable operations with no magnet that can fall out of place
  • Chemical resistant and autoclavable flexible agitation tube and integrated GL45 flask lid
  • Integrated bottle cap and motor-holder set for standard GL45 flasks of various sizes
  • Convenient and robust for both temporary and long-time continuous utilisation
  • The basic BPC Move package include three sizes of stirring rods for 0.5, 1 and 2 litres standard GL45 bottles 
  • Suitable for precise agitation in both closed-chamber and open-vessel systems
  • Inlet and outlet ports for liquid or gas on the integrated GL45 flask lid
  • Modular design for easy cleaning, replacement, and maintenance

Why BPC Move

If you are tired of weak mixing intensity for magnetic stirrers, irregular spin, and magnets that keep falling out of place, then BPC Move is the right choice. With its integrated bottle cap and user-friendly motor-holder set for top mounting on standard GL45 laboratory flasks, BPC Move combines the best features from magnetic stirrers and overhead mechanical mixers and provides a superior agitation experience for laboratory usage.  

New way of reliable mixing

Instead of a magnetic stirring bar (magnetic stirrer) or a propeller, BPC Move relies on a flexible agitation tube and an inserted stainless steel agitation rod, which provides clockwise or counterclockwise rotational movement. Driven by a high-quality brushless step motor, BPC Move delivers strong, gentle, precise, and reliable agitation, minimising the risk of the irregular spin that is commonly experienced with magnetic stirrers.

Simple to use and full control

Its unique top mounting design, modular components, and high compatibility with standard laboratory flasks makes BPC Move easy and trouble free to work with. Within a minute, the BPC Move can be set up for operation and the user can be confident that the media will be well dispersed. 

BPC Move supports various mechanical mixing intensities and movements according to user needs. All interaction with the BPC Move is conveniently done though a digital OLED display with a single multifunctional knob. 

Mixing solution for various sizes of flasks

BPC Move is a durable, easily operated and cost-effective mixing solution for different sizes of standard GL45 laboratory flasks. The basic BPC Move package includes three sizes of stirring rods that allow for mixing media in 0.5, 1 and 2 litres standard GL45 laboratory bottles. Switching between different stirring rods is seamless and give a great flexibility in dispersing different volume and types of media. 

Robustness for long-time operation

Designed with few wearable parts, BPC Move offers a stable agitation solution and is excellent for long-term continuous utilisation. The flexible agitation tube is made in a chemical-, mechanical- and thermo-resistant material which is tolerant for both corrosive and high viscosity media, as well as allows sterilisation in autoclave conditions. 

Twin operational modes with advanced agitation features

BPC Move offers operation in both normal and silent mode with precisely controlled agitation. With rotation speeds ranging from 1 to 600 RPM, the demand from most types of stirring applications can be satisfied. In silent mode, BPC Move offers mixing from 1 to 220 RPM with reduced operational noise. In addition, BPC Move offers various other modes: alternating stirring, intermittent stirring, and user-defined cycles.


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BPC Move

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Technical Specifications

Rotation speed: 1-600 rpm and 1-220 rpm (silent mode)

Torque: 0.4 Nm

Dimensions: 4.6 x 4.5 x 17.5 cm

Weight: 0.48 kg

Operating environment: Indoor* (-20-60 °C)

Operating humidity: 10-90% RH non-condensing

Display: 1.3” 128×64 OLED

Housing: plastic

Power input: 24 V DC / 0.7 A

Operation modes: normal and silent 

Mixing features: single stirring direction (clockwise or counterclockwise), alternating stirring directions, continuous, intermittent, different mixing intensities in a cycle. 

* The temperature range which the motor operates independently of the temperature of the mixing/process in the biorectors.


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