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BPC secures order for BPC Blue from leading global petrochemical manufacturer

THU, MAR 07, 2024 09:00 CET

BPC Instruments AB (“BPC” or the “Company”) has recently secured a purchase order for BPC® Blue from a prominent global petrochemical company headquartered in Saudi Arabia. Operating in over 50 countries with a strong presence in key international markets such as the Middle East, Asia, Europe, and the Americas, this client has selected BPC® Blue for conducting in-house biodegradability evaluations for its polymer materials. The order consists of the delivery of one BPC® Blue Premium Package, with a total order value equivalent to 476,000 SEK. Although it has a smaller economic value, it’s significant from a market expansion perspective in the listed regions. The revenue generated from the order is expected to be recognized in the first quarter of this year.

CEO Dr. Jing Liu comments:

“We are thrilled by the overwhelmingly positive global reception for BPC® Blue. This reception perfectly aligns with our forward-looking vision and the movement towards eco-friendly biodegradable polymers, replacing single-use plastics. BPC® Blue is positioned to become the preferred solution for industrial manufacturers, service providers, research institutions, and universities worldwide, as they seek a reliable method to evaluate the biodegradability of cutting-edge polymer materials. This recent order from one of the largest petrochemical companies globally further validates the effectiveness of BPC’s analytical solutions in the plastic sector and could be an important reference for more business opportunities.”


About BPC® Blue

BPC® Blue is a state-of-the-art laboratory instrument specifically designed to determine the aerobic and anaerobic biodegradability of various biodegradable plastics and polymer materials in a wide range of simulated environmental conditions. The instrument is fully compliant with the most important ISO, European, and American standards for biodegradability evaluation in both aerobic and anaerobic conditions. Featuring an automatic operation and an intuitive user-friendly design, the BPC® Blue enables almost anyone to carry out the test and obtain highly accurate and precise results.

For more technical information about BPC® Blue, please visit the related product page.

For more information, please contact:

Dr. Jing Liu, CEO

BPC Instruments AB

Tel: +46 (0) 46 16 39 51

E-mail: ir@bpcinstruments.com

About BPC Instruments AB

BPC Instruments is a global Swedish-based pioneering technology company developing and offering analytical instruments enabling more efficient, reliable, and higher quality research and analysis for industries in renewable bioenergy and environmental biotechnology. The result is not only higher accuracy and precision, but also a significant reduction in time consumption and labor requirement for performing analysis. BPC Instruments’ innovative products offer high-quality hardware and software based on deep knowledge and experience of target applications. The solutions are the first of their kind, making the company a pioneer in its field. Today, BPC Instruments exports to nearly 70 countries around the world. BPC is listed on the Spotlight Stock Market in Sweden. For more information, please visit BPC’s webpage: www.bpcinstruments.com