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BPC Instruments launches Gas Endeavour® III – the next-generation of its popular flagship instrument

WED, JUNE 28, 2023 08:30 CET

BPC Instruments AB (“BPC” or “the Company”) is pleased to announce the global launch of BPC’s latest innovation, Gas Endeavour® III and Gas Endeavour® III Light – the next-generation laboratory instrument platform designed for the precise evaluation of gas production or consumption in both batch and continuous processes. This state-of-the-art laboratory instrument features brand-new hardware and software platform that replaces the early model Gas Endeavour®, which contributed significantly to a sales turnover of approximately SEK 10 million in the previous year. BPC, therefore, expects increased turnover and profits with this new generation platform due to the growing popularity of Gas Endeavour in various new business sectors and increased profit margin compared to the earlier model. 


CEO Dr. Jing Liu comments:

“Gas Endeavour® III revolutionizes gas volume and flow measurement, catering to diverse applications. With its enhanced precision, versatility, and user-friendly interface, this innovative instrument opens exciting possibilities across multiple industries. I therefore anticipate significant market potential and continued success in various practical applications, including animal nutrition studies wastewater analyses, ethanol fermentation, hydrogen production, microbial community evaluation, and more. The release of Gas Endeavour® III and its Light version, represents another significant milestone for BPC, expanding our market penetration in new potential business sectors and strengthening our market position in existing business sectors. With this achievement, along with the launch of BPC® Blue only a week earlier, we once again deliver on our objectives set out in our IPO in December 2021.”

This intelligent analytical tool excels at measuring low gas volume and flow, ensuring precise and reliable results whenever accuracy is paramount. Its versatility makes it suitable for both research and industrial applications, including animal nutrition studies, wastewater analyses, ethanol fermentation, hydrogen production, microbial community evaluation, and the assessment of microbial communities and their activity. The time of the launch is strategically well-timed in meeting the increasing demand for exploring new application opportunities of BPC’s analytical instrument in new business segments. Consequently, BPC anticipates significant market potential for this innovative equipment in the years to come.

BPC Gas Endeavor MAX for both batch and continuous anaerobic and aerobic biodegradability testing

About Gas Endeavour® III and Gas Endeavour® III Light

Gas Endeavour® III is an advanced laboratory instrument platform designed for precise evaluation of gas production or consumption in both batch and continuous processes. With its fully automatic operation, user-friendly interface, and high reliability, Gas Endeavour® III offers exceptional ease of use. The instrument features 18 or 9 parallel channels, enabling the simultaneous evaluation of a large number of samples.

For more technical information about Gas Endeavour® III and Gas Endeavour® III Light, please visit the related product page, or contact our sales team at sales@bpcinstruments.com

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About BPC Instruments AB

BPC Instruments is a global Swedish-based pioneering technology company developing and delivering analytical instruments enabling more efficient, reliable, and higher quality of research and analysis in business sectors of renewable bioenergy and environmental biotechnologies. The result is not only higher accuracy and precision, but also significant reduction in time consumption and labour requirement for performing analysis. BPC Instruments’ innovative products offer high quality hardware and software based on deep knowledge and experience of target applications. The solutions are the first of their kind, making the company a pioneer in its field. Today, BPC Instruments exports to nearly 70 countries around the world. For more information, please visit BPC’s webpage: www.bpcinstruments.com