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BPC Instruments broadens the product range and enters a new business segment – biodegradability evaluation of plastics

TUE, APR 20, 2022 08:50 CET

BPC Instruments AB (“BPC” or “the Company”) announces today that the Company has entered a new business segment – biodegradability evaluation of plastics. As previously communicated, BPC has a long-term objective to broaden the Company’s products range and enter new business segments. BPC started developing a novel analytical solution for biodegradability evaluation based on the Company’s flagship product – Gas Endeavour® – back in 2020 and has since then managed to penetrate several important markets, including the EU, North America, South, and East Asia. Plastic pollution is a well-known worldwide problem, and the topic has been receiving increasing attention in recent years. As biodegradable plastics are presented as an environmentally friendly alternative, BPC sees excellent business opportunities within the biodegradability evaluation of plastics.


Biodegradable plastics can be broken down by microbes, chewed up and turned into biomass, water and carbon dioxide under aerobic conditions or carbon dioxide and methane in the absence of oxygen. This set of materials can become the alternative to conventional plastics, which remain stable for hundreds of years and are a well-known source of plastic pollution. The development of coherent testing and certification standards for biodegradation of plastics in both waste handling facilities and open environment is urgently needed for developing environment-friendly biodegradable products and allows manufacturers to comply with new regulations. BPC, therefore, sees great market potential within this business segment as a supplier of intelligent and ease of use instruments to perform biodegradability evaluations.


CEO Dr. Jing Liu comments

“The effectiveness of biodegradable plastics is highly dependent on the environmental conditions; it is therefore critically important to perform biodegradability evaluation and testing for new materials and products under both man-made waste treatment facilities and open environments such as soil and seawater. Gas Endeavour® is a unique analysis platform with several system configurations for biodegradability evaluation under aerobic and anaerobic conditions for both controlled waste treatment facilities and open environments. I am very delighted to see our increasing number of clients from top manufacturers in various industrial sectors, third-party analytics service providers, and research institutes around the world. The development trend is well in line with our business objective to broaden the product range and penetrate the biodegradability analysis market.”

For information regarding BPC Instruments, please contact:

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About BPC Instruments AB

BPC Instruments (formerly Bioprocess Control) is a Swedish-based technology company developing and selling automated, analytical instruments that allow for more efficient, reliable, and higher quality research and analysis in a wide range of industries including biogas, biodegradability, animal nutrition, and greenhouse gas emission analysis. The result is significant reductions in time consumption and labour requirement for performing analysis, as well as more efficient use of manpower resources. BPC Instruments’ products offer high quality and good features in both hardware and software, and the Company has a deep level of knowledge and know-how on-target applications. The solutions of BPC Instruments are the first of their kind, making the Company a pioneer in its field. Today, BPC Instruments exports to more than 60 countries and the number is growing. For more information, please visit BPC’s webpage www.bpcinstruments.com