Our clients and their distribution

Based on our recent statistic, Bioprocess Control has over a thousand customers from nearly 500 organizations in 61 countries, covering both academic research institutes and industrial players in biogas, wastewater and animal nutrition sectors.

Bioprocess Control’s core business idea is based on continuous investigation in innovation, technology development and being service minded. The company brings to market innovative low gas flow analytical instruments that allow for more efficient and higher quality research and analysis. Our solution leads not only significant improvement of working efficiency and quality in laboratory analysis, but also new business opportunities for offering high quality and standardized analysis service to meet the increasing demand on feedstock evaluation and process optimization from biogas and other environmental related industrial sectors.

Based on our statistic, Bioprocess Control currently has over a thousand customers from nearly 500 organizations in 61 countries. Our academic clients include many top universities and research institutes. Scientists and engineers can rely on our smart instruments to provide extremely accurate and precise laboratory analysis in their biogas, wastewater and animal nutrition research projects. Our typical industrial customers are biogas plants, waste & wastewater treatment plants, engineering and research division of biotechnology and chemical companies, as well as small- and middle-size analysis service providers. Bioprocess Control’s smart instruments allow high quality analysis with significant reductions in time, labor and skill demand.   

Followed by the expansion of Bioprocess Control’s product portfolio and a wider range of applications, we anticipate a more rapid increase of customers in years to come.