Nominated for the Blackwater & Food Waste Challenge!

Illustration from hplus.helsingborg.se

We submitted the 3R-Community proposal that focuses on how to fully exploit and maximise energy recovery and nutrient recycling from grey water, black water and food waste streams. This by the means of investing in and utilising state-of-the-art technologies for substrate analysis, process simulation, monitoring, supervision control, knowledge sharing and education. These technologies will not only allow for a stable and efficient plant operation across all plant technologies adopted to optimise energy and nutrient, but will also provide an important feedback loop to residential and commercial occupants.This feedback loop will establish a vital link between the activities of people and the potential of energy and nutrient recovery in the H+ urban area.

It is thus Bioprocess Control’s ambition to leverage its unique understanding of instrumentation and control technologies to play an integrated and active role in the design, management and dissemination of the H+ energy and nutrient recovery solution.

Bioprocess Control has been nominated in the category: “Optimisation of Resources” with the motivation: “… for its advanced systems for control and monitoring that facilitates resource optimisation.” We are looking forward to the 22nd of April when the winner will be announced at Swedish Water & Wastewater Association’s Grand Spring Meeting at Dunkers in Helsingborg.

For more information about the competition, please visit this link.