Meet our Product Scientist – Dr. Jonas Jakobsson

Today marks the conclusion of our introduction series, and we’re excited to introduce Jonas Jakobsson, PhD., our fourth new member, who joins BPC as a Product Scientist.

What was it about BPC Instruments that caught your attention?
– The world is rapidly changing and together we are facing several important challenges. I have always been fascinated by technology and have a firm belief that it is in the development and application of new technology that the solution can be found. For me, BPC Instruments provides an opportunity to pursue my interest in this development, with applications spanning over a wide range of industries and research fields. I am also grateful that this opportunity has opened in my hometown of Lund. This is where I have attained most of my academic and professional experience, and I feel fortunate to be able to remain in this great environment for research, innovation, and technology.

What will be your main focus here at BPC Instruments?
– In my new role as a product scientist, my focus will be on the exploration and incorporation of new features to the instrument system lineup, which in turn will open exciting new applications within new fields. I am looking forward to joining a team with an impact on the future.