Meet our new Business & Sales Manager – Fredrik Holst

We started 2024 by strengthening the BPC team and welcoming four talented individuals. In this series we introduce you to the people at BPC – next in line, Fredrik Holst.
Why do you see BPC Instruments as an interesting company to join?
For me, BPC Instruments stands out as an exciting company to join primarily due to its potential to contribute to a more sustainable world. The analytical instruments they develop are used in many industries to create more sustainable products. Being part of a company that actively promotes sustainability aligns well with my values and career goals.
What will be your main focus at BPC Instruments?
In my role as the Business and Sales Manager, my main focus will be on finding and making the most of new opportunities for our company to grow. I’m committed to boosting our sales by building strong relationships with our clients and ensuring that our products and services meet their needs effectively. Ultimately, my goal is to contribute to the ongoing growth and success of BPC Instruments in the marketplace.
What personal qualities will you bring to the team?
On a personal note, I take immense pride in keeping promises and striving to exceed expectations whenever possible.