In vitro assessment with Gas Endeavour at the Nordic Feed Science Conference

In June, we sent our Application Engineer Judith van Gorp and Senior Sales Scientist Dr. Mihaela Nistor with our Gas Endeavour to the Nordic Feed Science Conference in Uppsala, Sweden. The conference was a rather close gathering of 60 participants from 11 countries.

During the conference, we had a live experiment running with rumen fluid using wheat starch and forages, measuring the gas production during a short incubation. During the breaks, participants could chat with us and Mario A. Rosato and Prof. Quarantelli, who both shared their experience of using our Gas Endeavour within the field of animal nutrition. 

Judith also gave an oral presentation about in vitro rumen incubation analysis using the Gas Endeavour, which employs the already well implemented method of measuring gas production during incubation. The focus was thereby on taking environmental aspects that can influence gas measurements, such as temperature and pressure, into account.

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