Gut Microbiology conference in France

Bioprocess Control participated in the Gut Microbiology INRA-ROWETT 2016 conference in Clemont-Ferrand, France, in June. The conference gathered 320 participants from 35 countries, and 45 presentations were given on gut microbiology and e.g. its interplay with the diet of its human or animal host.

Our Application Engineer Judith van Gorp and our CEO, Dr. Jing Liu, were joined in our booth by our French partner, Lucile Macchi at Labo-M Solutions. Between interesting discussions about in vitro digestibility testing, visitors also had the chance to learn more about our Gas Endeavour, which is a new system available for an already well implemented method of measuring gas production during incubation. Read more about in vitro digestibility analysis with the Gas Endeavour here.