Good turnout at the Labortechnika Expo

Last week our Hungarian distributor: NaWaRo Consulting Ltd with its Managing Director Mr. Ádám Ragoncza, exhibited at the Labortechnika Expo in Hungary. It was an important event for Bioprocess Control as this was the first formal introduction of our products to the Hungarian market.

At the Expo the instruments generated a good interest and we look forward to upcoming possibilities on the Hungarian market.

NaWaRo Consulting Ltd. was founded in 2006 and the company is focused on offering high quality services for its partners in developing and managing biogas and solid biomass projects. Since 2010 the company has also expanded into services with research and development and has since also joined the Bioprocess Control Partner Network. NaWaRo Consulting Ltd is one of our newest partners and it looks like we will have a promising future together.