Exhibiting in Pittsburgh and learning about our exciting new application field

Our Product Application Engineer, Judith van Gorp, travelled to Pittsburgh in the United States to attend the largest Dairy Science conference in the world: the Annual Meeting of the American Dairy Science Association.

Around 2,000 attendees from all over the world participated in this conference, where a broad spectrum of topics related to dairy science and ruminant nutrition was discussed. Half a day was also planned for engaging presentations regarding the mitigation of greenhouse gases using different approaches. It was a very interesting session where some thought-provoking research was being presented!

Judith presented the new Gas Endeavour in BPC´s exhibition stand. This new product is very suitable for in vitro digestibility analyses of animal feed, and is therefore relevant for dairy science researchers. With the high number of researchers visiting our booth, we left the conference with plenty of new ideas! Looking forward to joining the meeting next year in Knoxville, Tennessee!