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On-line and on-site training

Please note

We have temporarely paused our on-site training due to the pandemic. For your convenience we do offer on-line training. 

Two days of knowledge transfer

We continue to hear from our customers that our systems are easy to set up and get running. However, we feel you could never gain too much knowledge. And sometimes it’s good taking two days out of your every-day schedule to focus on just one thing.

Get inspired

At the Customer Training Course you will meet instrument experts and other industry colleagues, tap into key knowledge and experiences regarding the standardisation of various fermentation and biodegradability analyses, better understand applications of our smart instruments in full-scale operations and the optimisation of various biodegradation, invitro digestion and biological treatment processes. 

Learn how it works

Apart from this you will walk away with a complete understanding of the daily operation and initial set-up of the system.

See the products live

While here you also have the perfect opportunity to check out BPC’s other products. And, if you’re lucky, you will also get a sneak peek at some product development. This feature is applicable to on-site trainings.

We cover your accommodation

For our new clients, we cover two nights accommodation close to our office. Lund is a beautiful town, if we can say so ourselves. If you rent a bicycle you can be downtown in a matter of minutes. This feature is applicable to on-site trainings.

We offer

The training program

BPC Instruments is committed to giving you support in building your knowledge in the biogas, biodegradability and invitro digestibility analyses and other application fields that our instruments can be used. The BPC Instruments Training Program is designed in a flexible way to fit the needs of the individual.

We offer:

  • Seminars related to analytical tools for biodegradation, invitro digestibility and biogas research and operations of full-scale plants.
  • Extensive instrument training. 

Currently, we only organise online courses. Please contact us to book a time for the online courses with one of our team members. 

Customers reviews

What people say

Thank you all for the AMPTS II training course I attended this week. It was an extremely informative, well organized, and interesting two days. I have returned to the UK with lots of new ideas about how I can improve the efficiency in using of our AMPTS II analyzers. It was also great to meet all of you in person, and the other users of your products. I loved visiting Lund. What a beautiful part of the world, I think I will definitely be planning my next holiday in Sweden!
Mr. John Hunt
Sustainable Soils and Grassland Systems, Rothamsted Research, UK
We had the privilege of attending the AMPTS II Training Course in Lund, at the end of August 2016. This training course was designed to aid usages of the biogas testing equipment and also gave attendees a chance to pick the brains of the experts on techniques and experiences using the technology. This was a great course for CREST to be a part of and was an excellent opportunity for widening our knowledge and clearing up any queries. At CREST we feel it is important that our knowledge is up to date and current, so that we can provide the best support to the businesses that utilise us every day. Not only did it expand knowledge, but also gave us the opportunity to meet experts in the field and other interested people from Finland, Sweden and other parts of the UK.
Shane McBrien and Gary Logue
CREST, South West College, UK