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Aerobic biodegradability of plastic materials under controlled mesophilic composting conditions

ASTM D5929-18 test method determines the biodegradation properties of a material by reproducibly exposing materials to conditions typical of source-separated organic municipal solid waste (MSW) composting. A material is composted under controlled conditions using a synthetic compost matrix and determining the acclimation time, cumulative oxygen uptake, cumulative carbon dioxide production, and percent of theoretical biodegradation over the period of the test. Since the temperature can affect the biodegradation of some materials, this test is not intended to replicate conditions within municipal compost operations that reach thermophilic temperatures. 

BPC Blue can be easily coupled with our patented in-situ carbon dioxide absorption kit to function as a fully automated closed-respirometer for continuous and on-line measurement of oxygen consumption or depletion caused by aerobic respiration of microorganisms. The apparatus is suitable for all test protocols which the measurement principle can be based on respirometry or oxygen demand (BOD) measurement. 

Read more about ASTM D5829-18 at astm.org

BPC Blue premium for anaerobic and aerobic biodegradability compostability analysis

– a novel tool for anaerobic and aerobic biodegradability assays

The BPC Blue is an advanced laboratory instrument meticulously engineered to determine the aerobic and anaerobic biodegradability of a wide range of biodegradable plastics and polymer materials under simulated environmental conditions. It adheres strictly to the most important ISO, European, and American standards for biodegradability evaluation in both aerobic and anaerobic settings. With its cutting-edge features, the BPC Blue ensures precise and reliable results. Its automatic operation and intuitive user-friendly design empower users of all levels to effortlessly conduct tests and obtain highly accurate data.


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