New Logo for New Beginnings

It has been a year since we changed our name to BPC Instruments to reflect the new, exciting company we were evolving into. For years, we have been well known for the quality, efficiency, and automation our analytical instruments bring to biogas research. Hard work, forward-thinking, and delivering the highest quality products and service at all times made us the market leader in low gas flow and volume measurement systems for biogas-related applications; and yet this was never the final destination. Always aiming for progression, we kept investing in innovation and focused on developing solutions to make the research in different application fields more easy, precise, and accurate.

Today, we provide a wide range of products for a wide range of green technology applications. Our journey, which started within the biogas market, took a turn for the better and the use of our instruments has expanded to different sectors: from aerobic and anaerobic biodegradability to wastewater treatment and animal nutrition. We are more than what we were before and to complete the transformation, we are now changing our logo to a fresh new version. It is progressive and exciting yet also familiar and down to earth at the same time – just as we are. With our new company name and logo, we are now more than ready to take on the new challenges that are ahead of us and keep expanding in different markets with our new products.