EUBCE success for BPC Instruments

Recently, member of our sales team Alberto Benavides Cantú and our French partner Lucille Macchi, from Labo-M Solutions, attended the 32nd European Biomass Conference & Exhibition (EUBCE) in Marseille, France. EUBCE is characterised as an event addressing the balance between sustainability and the performance of the biomass utilisation chain, focusing on partnerships between academia and industry. 

Despite being European by name, the conference offered a global forum for discussion of our common challenges in biomass. During the event, the EU’s ambitious goals for biomethane production were highlighted, and the strategies to meet them were discussed. One highly relevant challenge for us is correct characterisation of feedstock according to biomethane potential. Our instrument, AMPTS III, is a market-leading tool which allows users to undertake biomethane potential in a user-friendly, automated way.

It was also clear the green transition and move to more sustainable choices is already underway, not just in the production of biofuels but in the production of biobased chemicals as well. 

We were also pleased with the reception of our agitation system, BPC Move, our smart and powerful innovation for all your general agitation needs. We are excited to follow up with potential customers and new leads resulting from the event.

We at BPC Instruments are proud to be a part of the movement to a more sustainable world.