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Continuous fermentation test made easy

BPC® BioReactor Simulator

- fermentation test in continuous mode of operation

BPC® BioReactor Simulator (BRS) simulates anaerobic fermentation processes in a continuous mode of operation. Operated on site or remotely, the simulator produces high quality data to give deeper knowledge of how suitable a potential feedstock is for biogas production, defining the suitable organic loading rate or retention time for a given feedstock, designing suitable feeding schedules, and assessing handling or disposal conditions for digested residues.

Article no: 03-0000-02


Bioreactor Simulator for continuous fermentation tests

BRS offers you:

  • Precise, accurate data
  • Standardised measurement procedures, data interpretation and reports
  • A storage and computation solution for experiments with high data generation and prolonged timescales
  • Compatibility with bioreactors in different configurations and sizes


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Bioreactor simulator biogas measuring device

Essential information for designing and operating biogas plants

The experiment settings allow users to define the process parameter settings of all reactors such as organic loading rate (OLR), hydraulic retention time (HRT), the active reactor volume, feeding interval and substrate concentration.

The BPC® BioReactor Simulator significantly reduces the time, labour and skill demands for carrying out biogas simulations, data analysis and plant operations. It provides information such as the capabilities and loading limits of a process, essential for the design and operating biogas plants.

Total reactor control

The feeding and discharging settings lets you control all aspects of how and when a reactor should be fed and discharged. All information is logged and included in a report for further data analysis and interpretation.

It’s easy to monitor variations of the gas production under pre-defined OLR, HRT, feeding and discharging interval in real-time. You can also define time intervals easily between data points. The instrument calculates and displays a specific gas production since the last time calculations were reset.

CSTR reactor
Bioreactor simulator software for remote control

Monitor from anywhere

This easy-to-use cloud-based software application allows users to set-up an experiment, control feeding and discharging, monitor the progress, and download results with little to no effort. Monitor results from different simulation experiments from laboratories around the world on any computer or mobile device.

Bioreactor Simulator Software Control page

Secure data logging and storage

Run lengthy simulation experiments knowing that data loss and storage under normal conditions is not an issue. For when the local internet connection is down, BPC® BioReactor Simulator provides on-board storage for data caching when the local internet connection is down..

Simulator for anaerobic digestion

Supports manual and automatic feeding

The BPC® BioReactor Simulator supports both manual and automatic feeding, multiplexing, allowing for the simultaneous initiation of multiple experiments at different startup times.

BPC® BioReactor Simulator Image Gallery

Customers reviews

What people say

There are many instruments and methods on the market, but none are standardised the way the BPC® BioReactor Simulator and the other products from Bioprocess Control are. They provide market unique standardised system and methods, which makes it easy to compare results.


…the automation of the test minimises human errors, makes data collection more frequent than manual methods, and reduces operator time allowing more time for performing alternate tasks.

University of Southern Queensland, Australia

The design of gas, liquid and solid in/outlets are suitable for our experimental needs. No blockage issue has ever been experienced. We are fully satisfied by Bioprocess Control’s pilot scale solution, it earns us some envious looks from colleagues.


…thank you for standing over your product and the scientific response, and thanks for producing such a wonderful laboratory instrument for continuous process simulation.




BPC® BioReactor Simulator

Learn more about BPC® BioReactor Simulator.

Operation and Maintenance Manual

BPC® BioReactor Simulator

Tech Specifications


Standalone reactors, configuration and size options

CSTR-5S, CSTR-10S, CSTR-5G and any other reactor configuration provided by BPC Instruments
Reactor type: CSTR Volumes: 5 l, 10 l, 5 l
Materials: high quality glass and stainless steel (AISI 316)
Mixing: Multifunctional agitation system with brushless stepper DC motors for long-life operation. Remote speed and on/off control via analogue voltage signal (0-12 VDC). Manually adjustable speed, direction and time interval, as well as timer function to set time periods for reversal. Modular design for low maintenance. Rotating speed range: 15-300 rpm (power supply sold separately).
Temperature control through external recirculation water bath (sold separately)
Dimensions: CSTR-5G: H 38 x W 24 cm, CSTR-10S: H 77.5 x W 32.5 cm, CSTR-5S: H 74.5 x W 28.5 cm
Weights: CSTR-5G: 7.8 kg, CSTR-10S: 16.5 kg, CSTR-5S: 12.8 kg
Usage: indoor applications


For more information, visit bioreactors section for various bioreactor in different sizes and configurations.



Incubation unit with six 2 litre reactors

Maximum number of reactors per system: 6
Reactor material: glass
Reactor volume: 2 litres
Dimension: 53 x 33 x 24 cm
Temperature control: up to 95 °C (203 °F) (precision of 0.2 °C)
Mixing of reactors: Multifunctional agitation system with brushless DC motors for long-life operation. Remote speed and on/off control via BPC® BioReactor Simulator software control interface. Manually adjustable direction and time interval, as well as timer function to set time periods for reversal. Modular design for low maintenance. Rotating speed range: 10-200 rpm.

Please refer to the accessories section for the individual article numbers of components in the sample incubation unit.

Simulator for anaerobic digestion

Flow cell array

Working principle: liquid displacement and buoyancy. Up to six cells running in parallel. Built-in pressure and temperature sensor. Integrated embedded data acquisition.
Measurement resolution: 9 ml
Measuring range: 1 to 6000 ml/h
Dimension: 51 x 44 x 18 cm
Housing: plastic
Repeatability: ±1%

  • Web-based software running on a cloud solution, accessible from any location with an internet connection, via industry-strength encryption
  • Supports both manual and automatic feeding
  • Possible to run experiments with high data generation for prolonged timescales without storage and computational issues
  • Embedded temperature and pressure sensors for real-time gas flow and volume normalisation
  • Standardised report generation in Microsoft Excel format for easy usage combined with on-line storage
  • On-board storage for data caching
  • Possibility of multiplexing, allowing for the simultaneous initiation of parallel experiments at different startup times
  • User-friendly interface for experiment follow-up
  • Power supply: 100 or 240 AC 50/60 Hz
  • Usage: indoor
For more information, please refer to the user manual.
Article number: 03-0101-01

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