Welcome to Bioprocess Control’s stand and join us the BMP tests pre-conference in AD16: BMP tests – a key tool for AD research and practice!

Join us the pre-conference at 16th IWA World Conference on Anaerobic Digestion to learn the recently published guideline and two international inter-laboratory studies on biomethane potential (BMP) tests.

Biomethane potential (BMP) tests are used to determine the ultimate methane yield of organic mass. As such, BMP is an important parameter in AD research and practice. Despite its central role, BMP assessment has proven problematic, providing highly variable, unreliable results in the past, and not sufficiently standardized to guarantee a repeatable BMP value from different laboratories…

Bioprocess Control’s precision instruments have largely changed this, providing robust, dependable results which are measured, calculated, and presented in a standardised form. The significant improvement in data enables businesses to work more efficiently and make better, evidence-based decisions.

As a part of 16th IWA World Conference on Anaerobic Digestion, this pre-conference event is organised to present the results of two international inter-laboratory studies that include more than thirty-five laboratories from fourteen countries and discuss new developments and test guideline with regard to BMP tests. Bioprocess Control has actively participated both inter-laboratory studies in the past two years and the company’s flagship product, Automatic Methane Potential Test System (AMPTS) II, has been commonly used by many these laboratories for conducing BMP studies for improving the test protocol.

Find out the agenda of the pre-conference here