Welcome to Bioprocess Control Product Training Course in 2015!

For many years Bioprocess Control has been offering training courses for our customers. Although our customers generally think setting up the system and conducting the first experiment is easy, we also know it’s helpful to be able to just set aside everything else for two days and focus on your new instruments to get the most out of them.

When you buy an AMPTS II, Biogas Endeavour or Bioreactor Simulator the training course is always included. The course takes place at Bioprocess Control’s headquarters in Lund, Sweden. It is a two-day technical course where you will learn how to set up the system, the daily operation, not to mention take part of the knowledge and experience sharing among the participants and lecturers.

The training course takes place four times a year. This year they will be held on 9-10 March, 8-9 June, 7-8 September, 7-8 December. If you feel like hopping on a plane, we do have a space or two available for the course next week. Otherwise, you are more than welcome to participate later this year. Please note that the dates later this year still are subject to change. For further information about the Training Course, please go to Events on the website. Please contact us for further information and with any questions you may have.

It is a great opportunity to meet biogas experts, do some networking and immerse yourself in new knowledge.