We were at BioCycle East Coast 2017!

Our Senior Sales Scientist, Dr. Mihaela Nistor, was present at BioCycle East Coast 2017 which was held from April 4-7, in Baltimore, Maryland, USA.

Bioprocess Control was present at BioCycle East Coast 2017, an event with a focus on growing the organics recycling industry. The conference’s agenda was designed to help the participants to implement and refine solutions for expanding the organics recycling programs and businesses. The exhibitors presented equipment and systems to cost-effectively and efficiently separate, collect and process organics, and yield high quality compost, digestate, biogas and nutrients.

We took the advantage of this opportunity to present our smart instruments for monitoring anaerobic fermentation processes for biogas production, but also to network with experts, policymakers, current and potential customers from North America, as well as other countries.