We went to the IWA Congress and Exhibition in Brisbane, Australia!

Our CEO, Dr. Jing Liu and Application Engineer Judith van Gorp went to the IWA World Water Congress and Exhibition, which gathered more than 5000 participants in Brisbane, Australia on October 10-13. Rod Wellings from our distribution partner Royce Water Technologies also participated in the conference.

Spanning everything related to both fresh water and wastewater, the conference featured 344 presentations and over 500 posters. Bioprocess Control presented a poster on Specific Anammox Activity testing, and also had a booth where we presented our products. We had many interesting discussions about wastewater treatment both by anaerobic digestion as well as Anammox processes.

As usual, it was pleasing to find a poster using one of our instruments. This time it was the AMPTS I used for BMP determination of algal biomass.