We are at EUBCE 2017 in Stockholm

Our sales representative, Mr. Alberto Benavides Cantú, presented our new Gas Endeavour and instrument package for biogas potential analysis at European Biomass Conference & Exhibition 2017 in Stockholm, Sweden.

Bioprocess Control presented and demonstrated our new smart instrument platform, Gas Endeavour, for ultra-low gas flow analysis with various applications in the 25th Edition of European Biomass Conference & Exhibition. This year, the event is organised in the beautiful capital city, Stockholm, Sweden.

At this year event, we also presented a new instrument package for biogas potential analysis – a simple and user-friendly instrument set for small and middle sized biogas plants. With fully integrated gas monitoring, agitation and temperature control, plant operators can perform biogas potential analysis of biomass with little effort. This allows operators to have much better control of feedstock quality for their biogas digesters.

Our new smart instrument, Gas Endeavour, has gained high interest among many visitors. Gas Endeavour provides a new opportunity for more accurate and high precision analysis of gas production and consumption from 15 parallel laboratory-scale fermentation processes with significant reductions in time and labour.

Alberto also had the opportunity to meet some of our existing clients travelling from various parts of the world. Thank you all for sharing your data and user experience with AMPTS II and µFlow at the conference. We are pleased to hear all the very positive feedback about our products and technical support!