Third AMPTS II Training Course held in Lund this year

Our quarterly AMPTS II Training Course was held again last week here at our office in Lund.

Lectures were held by our colleagues Dr. Mihaela Nistor, Dr. Sten Strömberg and IT technical engineer Nicklas Uvelöv on topics ranging from feedstock characterisation and BMP assay, optimising biogas research and operating full-scale plants, standardisation of gas measurement, to IT aspects of AMPTS II.

One of the participants just finished his Ph.D. here in Lund, and will go back to China to work with our distributor there. We also had our distributor from South Africa attending the course together with one of their clients, to get an additional day’s training on how to use their new CSTR bioreactor customised with temperature and pH sensors, which is connected to a Universal Data Logger and a μFlow gas meter. The rest of the participants were researchers and students from universities in Finland, UK and Sweden.

The next AMPTS II Training Course is scheduled for December 1-2. Learn more here.