Discover the Bioprocess Academy: a knowledge hub for both the academic and industry sector within anaerobic digestion. This month, on the Bioprocess Academy platform you will find training material, such as two online video courses targeting the academic and the industrial sectors respectively, an on-line educational financial model for full-scale biogas plants, and a series of application notes based on anaerobic fermentation test in batch procedures. More knowledge sharing material from researchers and biogas experts will be added continuously.

Biogas Plant Financial Calculator

The financial model is designed as a calculator that takes you through a series of forms, where you enter different values (such as operating costs, feedstock types, digester volume etc.). At the end of the form, the financial results will show up in a graph and a list of costs and revenue. This way, you can simulate different scenarios for your biogas plant, and learn about feedstock impact on the plant operation, and how smart feedstock selection can help you balance your financial results.

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The Bioprocess Academy will be continuously updated with valuable information. We also welcome you to share your knowledge and experience on biogas, so Bioprocess Academy truly can serve as an information and knowledge hub to promote biogas related research and industrial development. 

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