Successful SLU conference in Uppsala

Bioprocess Control´s CSTR-5S, along with fellow colleagues, is present at the 2nd International Conference on Biogas Microbiology at SLU in Uppsala.

As the theme for the conference includes an ambition to increase the understanding of the complex microbial process activities and interactions in order to reach an optimised biogas production with high yields and improved process stability, we really can’t see a better participant than the CSTR-5S.

Being one in a series of continuous stirred tank (CSTR) bioreactors specifically designed for scientists and process engineers to simulate full-scale fermentation processes in laboratory- or small pilot-scale, the CSTR-5S is feeling right at home here. 

We would also take the opportunity to congratulate SLU for the successful organisation of the conference. Furthermore the Microbiology team at SLU has found a smart and space efficient way to set-up their AMPTS 2 units. Very clever!