Reactor type: CSTR
Volume: 2 l
Materials: high quality glass (reactor body)
Mixing of reactors: Multifunctional agitation system with brushless DC motors for long-life operation. Remote speed and on/off control via analogue voltage signal (0-12 VDC). Manually adjustable speed, direction and time interval, as well as timer function to set time periods for reversal. Modular design for low maintenance.
Rotating speed range: 10-200 rpm. This reactors package contain six reactors and one thermostatic water bath, which is a part of the BioReactor Simulator. However, the single reactor or multiple reactors with agitators can be purchased separately as well.
Temperature control: up to 95 °C (203 °F) (precision of 0.2 °C)
Dimension: 59 x 34 x 28 cm (for six reactors package and thermostatic water bath)
Usage: indoor applications

Please refer to the accessories section for the individual article numbers of components in CSTR-2G reactor.