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BPC receives order for four equipment packages for continuous biogas process simulation

TUE, JULY 09, 2024 09:00 CET

BPC Instruments AB (“BPC”) has received a purchase order for four equipment packages from a US-based firm specializing in converting food and farm waste into renewable natural gas (RNG) and electricity through anaerobic digestion. The order includes four sets of stainless steel reactors, BPC® Go, additional process sensors, and data loggers, with a total order value equivalent to 696,000 SEK. The revenue from this order is expected to be recognized in the third quarter of this year.


“Apart from offering AMPTS® for feedstock analysis and quality control, BPC also provides an equipment package designed for continuous biogas production simulations with real-time process monitoring at bench- or small-pilot scale. These packages are easy to set up, user-friendly, and highly compatible, delivering reliable data that ensures confidence in the results. Once optimal operating conditions for the biogas plant are identified, full-scale implementation can proceed smoothly, minimizing risks. This recent order validates the effectiveness of BPC’s equipment package for continuous biogas production simulations and could pave the way for increased business opportunities worldwide,” comments Dr. Jing Liu, CEO of BPC Instruments.


About BPC® Bioreactors III and Process Monitoring

BPC’s modular, robust CSTR and high-rate anaerobic bioreactors are built using high-quality materials to meet the demands of biogas labs. Extremely user-friendly, they are the ideal experiment platforms for simulating anaerobic fermentation processes at bench- or small-pilot scale. BPC’s process monitoring package includes data loggers, several in-line process sensors, and electronic accessories for setting up automated laboratory or pilot-scale process monitoring systems. This package offers a better understanding of fermentation processes, resulting in improved process design and optimised process control.


For more technical information about BPC® Bioreactor and Process Monitoring, please visit the related product page, or contact our sales team at sales@bpcinstruments.com

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About BPC Instruments AB

BPC Instruments is a global Swedish-based pioneering technology company developing and offering analytical instruments enabling more efficient, reliable, and higher quality research and analysis for industries in renewable bioenergy and environmental biotechnology. The result is not only higher accuracy and precision, but also a significant reduction in time consumption and labor requirement for performing analysis. BPC Instruments’ innovative products offer high-quality hardware and software based on deep knowledge and experience of target applications. The solutions are the first of their kind, making the company a pioneer in its field. Today, BPC Instruments exports to nearly 70 countries around the world. BPC is listed on the Spotlight Stock Market in Sweden. For more information, please visit BPC’s webpage: www.bpcinstruments.com