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BPC receives an additional order for multiple Gas Endeavour® systems after successful testing

TUE, MARCH 07, 2023 08:30 CET

BPC Instruments AB (“BPC” or the “Company”) has received a purchase order for three additional Gas Endeavour® systems from an Irish multinational industrial group. This order comes after the successful delivery and testing of one such system by the client in January and February 2023. The total value of the two successive orders amounts to over 97 000 Euro, and the revenue will be reflected in the first quarter of this year.


BPC has received an order for three additional complete systems of the Company’s flagship product Gas Endeavour®. The order, together with a previous order of one Gas Endeavour® and spare parts in January, with a total order value of over 97 000 Euro, comes from an Ireland-based multinational industrial group that offers smart and sustainable solutions for global nourishment.


Gas Endeavour® is a novel analytical platform that offers high precision and accuracy for various aerobic and anaerobic fermentation assays. The first Gas Endeavour® system was ordered and delivered to the Irish client in January 2023. After several successful test runs, the client was convinced of its benefits and purchased three additional Gas Endeavour® for their laboratory in Ireland. The client also intends to set up similar test facilities and capacities in their laboratories in Asia and North America, which presents a promising opportunity for further long-term cooperation.


“We are thrilled to receive this order from a satisfied customer and proud of the success of our flagship product Gas Endeavour®. The additional order from an existing customer is well in line with our recent customer survey that showed a 97 % customer satisfaction rate enabling long-term cooperation with our customers. The increasing awareness and recognition of Gas Endeavour® and its benefits is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team at BPC as we continue to develop and expand our product portfolio. We are committed to providing innovative solutions that meet our customer’s needs and advance science and industry,” comments CEO Dr. Jing Liu.


About the product

Gas Endeavour® is a novel analytical platform that offers high precision and accuracy for various aerobic and anaerobic fermentation assays in a time and labor-efficient way. Gas Endeavour® is also extremely user-friendly and accessible remotely, allowing for meticulous data collection that can be accessed whenever required. This makes Gas Endeavour® a natural and logical choice over any conventional labor-intensive and time-consuming methods. Gas Endeavour® and its benefits have recently received increasing awareness and recognition in both industrial and academic sectors.

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