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BPC Instruments files additional patent application for its next-generation instruments

THU, AUGUST 25, 2022 08:00 CET

BPC Instruments AB (“BPC” or “the Company”) has submitted the third patent application for this year, which covers a novel incubation system for the Company’s next-generation analytical instruments with applications in multiple biotech sectors. With this patentable technology, BPC will offer a unique microbial incubator that not only covers a wide temperature range for various microbial respiration analyses and high user convenience, but also high thermo-efficiency with extremely low energy consumption and carbon footprint. The potential market for this area is extensive across multiple industrial sectors, where initial focus will be on biogas and biodegradable plastics sectors.


This patentable technology enables a wide incubation temperature range for microbial incubation with a unique user-friendly design and offers significant reduction of energy consumption that has never been possible to implement. The patent application is submitted as a part of the intellectual property protection strategy for a series of new technologies currently under commercialization. When granted, the patent will provide BPC with strong protection for the next-generation flagship products for various biotech applications.


CEO Dr. Jing Liu comments

“This is another ground-breaking technology development that enables BPC to offer a more competitive and highly integrated analytical platform for various microbial respiration analyses. This technology fits perfectly with the increasing demand on environmental and sustainable concerns by significantly improving thermo-efficiency, lowering energy consumption and carbon footprint. Once it is fully commercialized, it will contribute to maintaining the leading position of BPC’s analytical instruments worldwide in both biogas and merging industrial sectors. The patent, if granted, will provide 20 years of protection for BPC in key market regions and will be an important asset to the Company. A strong intellectual property portfolio is important to us, and we continuously evaluate and make strategic decisions to safeguard our leading position in the market. We look forward to furthering technology developments and commercialization.”

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About BPC Instruments AB

BPC Instruments is a global Swedish-based technology company that develops and sells automated, analytical instruments that enable a more efficient, reliable, and higher quality of research and analysis in a wide range of industries. The result is significant reductions in time consumption and labour requirement for performing analysis. BPC Instruments’ products offer high quality features in both hardware and software, and the Company has deep knowledge and know-how on-target applications. The company’s solutions are the first of their kind, making the Company a pioneer in its field. Today, BPC Instruments exports to 60+ countries around the world. For more information, please visit BPC’s webpage: www.bpcinstruments.com