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BPC Instruments presented its solid business case and future plans at Aktiedagen Stockholm

THU, MARCH 18, 2022 14:50 CET

BPC Instruments presented the company’s solid business case and future plans at Aktiedagen Stockholm on 14th March. CEO Dr. Jing Liu attended the event and presented the company’s latest financial figures which show that BPC continues to be a solid, stable, and profitable company with good business growth despite the challenges of a recent global pandemic over the past two years. Furthermore, BPC also talked about its current market and future plans to enter new business segments within the biotech field and presented the company’s latest flagship product BPC® GO, which is assessed to increase the total addressable market for BPC and attract new customer groups for wider applications.

The presentation from 14th March is available at this link.

CEO Interview with Börsvärlden

In connection with the publishing of the Company’s year-end report, CEO Dr. Jing Liu was interviewed by the Swedish financial newspaper Börsvärlden and discussed BPC’s future plans, solid business growth, as well as shareholder expectation of the Company.

“Our main goal is for our instruments to solve our customer’s working challenges, and we will keep on investing in innovation and providing time-saving and cost-efficient analytical solutions to several biotechnology segments including renewable energy, biodegradability, animal feed, and wastewater” said CEO Dr. Jing Liu when commenting on the Company’s vision.

The interview with Börsvärlden is available at this link.

For information regarding BPC Instruments, please contact:

Jing Liu, CEO, BPC Instruments
Tel: +46 (0) 46 16 39 51
E-mail: IR@bpcinstruments.com

About BPC Instruments AB

BPC Instruments (formerly Bioprocess Control) is a Swedish-based technology company developing and selling automated, analytical instruments that allow for more efficient, reliable, and higher quality of research and analysis in a wide range of industries. The result is significant reductions in time consumption and labour requirement for performing analysis, as well as more efficient use of manpower resources. BPC Instruments’ products offer high quality and good features in both hardware and software, and the Company has a deep level of knowledge and know-how on-target applications. The solutions of BPC Instruments are the first of their kind, making the Company a pioneer in its field. Today, BPC Instruments exports to more than 60 countries and the number is growing. For more information, please visit BPC’s webpage www.bpcinstruments.com