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BPC Instruments presents at Aktiespararna Lund’s Annual Meeting this Wednesday on December 7, 2022

MON, DEC 05, 2022 09:00 CET

BPC Instruments will present the company, its broad product portfolio of analytical instruments and BPC’s visions going forward at Aktiespararna Lund’s Annual Meeting, December 7, 2022.

On December 7, BPC Instruments has been invited to attend and present the company at Aktiespararna Lund’s Annual Meeting. BPC’s Marketing and Communication Manager Gordana Clavères will talk in-depth about the following topics:

  • Who we are and what we do
  • What are we measuring and why is this important?
  • BPC’s product pipeline – what’s next?
  • Why invest in BPC?

The presentation will be held in Swedish and CEO Dr. Jing Liu will answer questions in English via Teams.

The event is open to everyone and does not require a membership.

Last day for registration is December 4th.

When: December 7 at 17:30.

Where: Komvux, Glimmervägen 12, Lund.

Information and registration: https://www.aktiespararna.se/aktiviteter/arsmote-och-traff-med-bpc-instruments-och-coeli-fonder

For information regarding BPC Instruments, please contact:

BPC Instruments AB

Dr. Jing Liu, CEO

Tel: +46 (0) 46 16 39 51

E-mail: jl@bpcinstruments.com

About BPC Instruments AB (publ)

BPC Instruments is a global Swedish-based pioneering technology company developing and delivering analytical instruments enabling more efficient, reliable, and higher quality of research and analysis in business sectors of renewable bioenergy and environmental biotechnologies. The result is not only higher accuracy and precision, but also significant reduction in time consumption and labour requirement for performing analysis. BPC Instruments’ innovative products offer high quality hardware and software based on deep knowledge and experience of target applications. The solutions are the first of their kind, making the company a pioneer in its field. Today, BPC Instruments exports to 60+ countries around the world.

For more information, please visit BPC’s webpage: www.bpcinstruments.com