New name for Bioprocess Control

”Each minute bursts in the burning room, The great globe reels in the solar fire, spinning the trivial and unique away. (How all things flash! How all things flare!) What am I now that I was then? May memory restore again and again. The smallest color of the smallest day: Time is the school in which we learn, time is the fire in which we burn.” – Delmore Schwartz

15 years ago, Bioprocess Control started its journey. Spun-off from a research project at Lund University (Sweden), we quickly made our first sale – and an international at that. Since then, we have gone through many transformations but, at the core, always stayed the same.

In 2011, we launched what has become not only our platform product but also one of the most widely used instruments in the field – the AMPTS® II Cited in more than 600 peer-reviewed articles in English and more in other languages and conference proceedings, we are immensely proud. It also shows that we could never have reached this far without the support of our customers; a support that we try and return to you every day when you have questions or need help. We hope that we are succeeding in this.

Two years after the AMPTS® II, the µFlow was introduced to the market. With a smaller chamber than its sibling products, it opened up the use of our products to other segments of the market; customers that had a slightly different set of requirements.

In 2017, we took the best of the AMPTS® II and the µFlow and created a brand-new platform – the Gas Endeavour® was born. Easily replaceable chambers as small as in the µFlow with the power and scope of the AMPTS® II – of course we loved it. And we hope you do too. The fact that we have customers in more than 60 countries to date would at least seem to indicate it.

But the Gas Endeavour® made us wonder; why only use this to measure biogas. Or as the winged truism that came from our discussion states – “Gas is gas”. And so, we took the next exciting step in the company’s history; we decided to broaden our market. Or, in fact, broaden the functionality, applications and scope of our products. Making them more versatile. Opening them up to the wider biotechnology analysis field and beyond.

And so, it is with this new future in sight that we have decided to reflect this new change with a new company name to go along with it. While our core still hasn’t changed, we are now named BPC Instruments and the abbreviated form as BPC. For the foreseeable future, our products will still wear the brand name of Bioprocess Control and we will always continue to operate as we always have done – with customers and innovation in focus. We look forward to continuing our journey under this new name together with you and we can’t wait to show you the new products we have in our pipeline.