Martin Sallfeldt joins our team!

Martin Sallfeldt joins the Bioprocess Control team as our new Sales Channel Manager starting from last week. With a backgound mainly in IT and Telecom he has now thrown himself into the world of biogas production optimisation.

He is very eager, but we are keeping him busy studying and learning about our smart instruments and the field before he gets to get his hands dirty. Although he was in the lab for a good hour with Dr. Mihaela Nistor so perhaps his hands shouldn’t be considered clean any longer… Then again she would definately make him wear gloves if needed.

We welcomed him with a classic Swedish “fika”, which included Prinsesstårta [prin-sess-tohr-tah] (Princess Cake) which is a traditional Swedish cake (and yes, it is amazing and a next to mandatory experience when you visit Sweden).

A warm welcome to Martin!