Making your life easier – introducing new lids!

We’re excited to unveil Bioprocess Control’s newly developed plastic reactor lids for AMPTS II, BioReactor Simulator and Biogas Endeavour! It is the ideal replacement for the rubber stopper.

The new lid is user friendly and can be easily mounted on the reactor without using much force and any lubricant. It is autoclavable, which supports a broad set of applications. The lid is made of engineering plastic with special rubber sealing on three sides, so the design is not only much nicer but it is also more durable. There are two gas ports and one additional port that can be used to connect a tube inside the reactor or bottle. The lid is available in two versions: one with a hole in the middle for agitation, and one without a hole.

The lids and stirrers will be available this winter and you have the chance to order a sample lid to try it out. We also offer one free Maintenence Package with every purchase of an AMPTS IIBiogas Endeavour and BioReactor Simulator before the end of the year.

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