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Determination of aerobic biodegradation of plastic materials exposed to seawater — Part 2

ISO 23977-2: 2020 describes two variations of a test method for determining the biodegradability of plastics materials in natural seawater. The test is performed under mesophilic test conditions for up to two years by incubating plastic materials with either seawater only or with seawater to which low amount of sediment has been added, coming from the same site where the seawater was taken. The measurement is based on the consumption of oxygen (BOD) using a closed respirometer by measuring the amount of oxygen required to maintain a constant volume of gas in the respirometer flask, or by measuring the change in volume or pressure either automatically or manually. The level of biodegradation is determined by comparing the BOD with the theoretical amount (ThOD) and expressed in percentage. The influence of possible nitrification processes on the BOD shall be considered. The test result is the maximum level of biodegradation determined from the plateau phase of the biodegradation curve.

BPC Blue can be easily coupled with our patented in-situ carbon dioxide absorption kit to function as a fully automated closed-respirometer for continuous and on-line measurement of oxygen consumption or depletion caused by aerobic respiration of microorganisms. The apparatus is suitable for all test protocols which the measurement principle can be based on oxygen demand (BOD) measurement.

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