Installation and training in Hongbo Energy Co. Ltd, South Korea

Bioprocess Control Company’s representatives visited Hongbo Energy plant during the first week of October to facilitate the biogas laboratory technologies transfer.

In South Korea, there is a strong need to reduce extreme dependence on imported oil and to find alternative waste management methods to be used instead of the current ocean-dumping practices.

Hongbo Energy Co. Ltd, Gunsan is currently changing their business strategy for sewage sludge discharge from ocean-dumping to biogas production. The company is using Bioprocess Control’s smart instruments (i.e., AMPTS II, BioReactor Simulator, CSTR, µFlow, Universal Data Logger) to initiate and optimize the operation of newly built digesters for anaerobic treatment of organic waste.

This new process applied at Hongbo Energy Co. Ltd in South Korea is expected to establish a sustainable organic waste management system in the region, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve the air quality and successfully diffuse and serve as a model unit for the whole country.