High resolution flow cell for all BPC smart instruments

Bioprocess Control has developed a new flow cell with higher resolution for applications that require analysing ultra low gas production and consumption with demand on high accuracy and precision. The new flow cell can be utilised in all smart instruments, i.e. AMPTS II and AMPTS II Light, µFlow and the new Gas Endeavour.

Bioprocess Control is now offering two types of flow cells in 9 ml and 2 ml resolutions. It gives users the most suitable option to select resolution and measuring range for gas flow and volume measure with high accuracy and precision. The 9 ml flow cell is most suitable for various anaerobic fermentation tests in both batch and continuous modes. It gives sufficient data points and a wide range of flow detection for studying process kinetics in detail. The 2 ml flow cell is designed for gas emission and consumption where soluble gas components have to be monitored. Applications for 2 ml flow cell include in vitro digestibility tests, leakage detection, various aerobic respiration tests and more.