Establishment of our Chinese branch under Bioprocess Control umbrella

“I gaze up, at the fair moon yonder roams, and look down, head bowed, dreaming of home” – Li Bai

Nǐn hǎo, China! We are very pleased to finally have a properly incorporated branch in China under our Bioprocess Control umbrella. While we already have many customers in China and previously have had distributors and a representative office, this is another big step for us. We hope you will like what we have planned; it’s a lot and it’s going to be great.

So, without any further delay, let us introduce BPC Instruments (Haining) Co Ltd. Or as we like to call it, BPC China. They are currently the only authorized seller of Bioprocess Control instruments, such as the AMPTS® II and Gas Endeavour® and they know their stuff very well.

As a customer, what you will be able to notice right away is that we have people on the ground, close to you and available during normal Chinese business hours. We be able to help you with everything from quotations and information to support and repairs. We have an in-house stock of spare parts and instruments and can ship them to you without any delay or long shipping times. Furthermore, if you’d like training on any of our instruments or would just like to hear about the latest and greatest, we are only a phone call away. Or a WeChat conversation away, for that matter. You can now contact us at 碧普仪器. Brilliant!

If you’d rather read about our Chinese operations in peace and quiet, you can head on over to https://www.bpcv2upgrade2.local.cn for localised content. As always, please let us know if you have any feedback or suggestions.