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Designed to fit standard GL 45 laboratory bottles with sizes ranging from 100 ml up to 5 l.

Rotational speed: 10-200 rpm
Capacity: up to 15 motor driven agitators can be connected in series using one motor controller unit
Agitation movement: clockwise, counter-clockwise and interchanging
Basic control mode: speed adjustable on the motor controller unit: 10 switch positions are available ranging from 20 rpm to 200 rpm with incremental steps of 20 rpm
Advanced control mode: remote control for speed and on / off settings and manual / local settings for direction and time intervals, as well as a timer function for the rotational direction
Maximum current level: 2 A
Maximum power output: 48 W
Power supply: input 100-240 V 50/60 Hz, output 24 V DC / 2.71 A
Usage: indoor applications