BPC Keeps Growing During the Pandemic

There have been no other time in human history when an adaptation of working and social lifestyles at current speed was needed. We have had to leave our old habits at lightning speed and welcome new ways to work, live and communicate in order to tackle the covid-19 pandemic. Change is not always easy, but it is even harder when the process is challenging, and the situation is extraordinary. At those times we seek for solutions that are familiar, convenient, robust, steady and that won’t let us down.

It could be for this reason that smart analytical instruments from BPC Instruments kept on being the choice of the universities, research institutes, industrial plants, and service providers all around the world even during the most unstable times. Not only did we deliver our products to new countries and new customers, but we also entered new industrial segments successfully and became the choice of several world-wide known companies.

Now entering June 2021, we are happy to see record-high turnover for both our flagship products (Gas Endeavour® and AMPTS® II) and welcome our ever-growing family of customers.  We would like to thank all the people across the world that trust BPC and chose our instruments for solving their working challenges. We will keep on investing in innovation and providing time-saving and cost-efficient analytical solutions to a wide range of technology fields.