Bioprocess Control launches new agitator system!

Bioprocess Control’s newly launched multifunctional agitator system has the following features:

  • Bi-directional mixing with adjustable time interval
  • Variable speed control, as well as remote control
  • High compatibility and user friendly
  • Modular design and low maintenance
  • Designed for long lifetime of use

These new features will ensure that your experiment data reflects the true dynamic degradation profile of a substrate, and that mass transfer effects are properly simulated. This new agitator system will be rolled out across all Bioprocess Control products with mixing systems.

Special offer for existing customers

Bioprocess Control is offering all existing AMPTS II customers one FREE agitation system upgrade with the order of a new AMPTS II* unit before December 31, 2014.

*The offer also applies to the purchase of BioReactor Simulator or Biogas Endeavour. 

Value check offer for ALL customers

All customers who order an AMPTS II* before December 31, 2014 receive a €500 value check** to be used towards travelling to Bioprocess Control’s headquarters in Lund, Sweden.

While at Bioprocess Control, customers will meet biogas experts and other industry colleagues, tap into key knowledge and experiences regarding the standardisation of BMP tests, applications of our smart instruments in full-scale operations and the optimisation of biogas processes.

*Bioprocess Control also accepts equivalent orders of other products in its portfolio

**The value check is valid until December 31, 2015. Please contact Bioprocess Control regarding additional terms and conditions of this offer.

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