BioCycle West Coast 16

Bioprocess Control attended the 30th Anniversary Conference on Renewable Energy from Organics Recycling in San Diego, California between the 5th and 6th of April.

This comprehensive two-day Conference in San Diego, California was organized by editors of BioCycle, the leading industry magazine of Advanced Composting, Organic Recycling and Renewable Energy. This conference brought together facility managers, policy makers, investors, consultants and researchers. Agenda topics focused on latest developments in advanced measurement tools, operations at innovative projects, economic and energy performance, public policies and project financing avenues.

BioCycle West Coast Conference provided us a great opportunity to promote Bioprocess Academy, a web-based platform serving as free knowledge hub for both the academic and industry sector within anaerobic digestion, as well as to introduce our analytical tools for monitoring fermentation processes. We thank all visitors at our exhibition stand!

Looking forward to the next BioCycle Conference which will be held in Florida at the end of October!