Another AMPTS II Training Course held at our Lund office

Bioprocess Control’s quarterly AMPTS II Training Course was held again at the BPC office in Lund on June 2-3. Participants came from Spain, the Netherlands, Sweden, China, France and Germany, representing both academic research and the industry.

The training covered lectures on feedstock characterisation and BMP assay with the AMPTS II by Dr. Mihaela Nistor, optimisation for biogas research and operating full-scale plants with Assoc. Prof. and CEO Jing Liu, standardisation of gas measurement with Dr. Sten Strömberg and IT aspects of AMPTS II with IT technical engineer Nicklas Uvelöv.

The round table discussions gave the participants time to exchange experience, as well as the lunch and coffee breaks. This time, we also had the chance to show the participants some new products and applications that will enable the use of our instruments in a wider range of research fields.

The course evaluations mentioned the practical tips on how to use the equipment, explanations on the calculations and sharing of experience with other participants as the most valuable aspects of the course. We are looking forward to hearing more about their experience when they get back to work with their new insights!