Analytical instruments ahead of the field

As the early pioneer of automatic apparatus for the biogas industry, Bioprocess Control has forged ahead in the provision of smart analytical instruments in the 13 years since its foundation. Read the article from Water Industrial Journal about Bioprocess Control and its precision instrument for biogas.

In the past, fermentation tests had proven problematic, providing highly variable, unreliable results, but Bioprocess Control’s precision instruments have changed this, providing robust, dependable results which are measured, calculated, and presented in a standardised form. The significant improvement in data enables businesses to work more efficiently and make better, evidence-based decisions.

These smart analytical tools mean people can work “smarter”, allowing for more frequent analyses with a reduced workload, producing data that is rich in quality and quantity. The more frequent analysis leads to an improved understanding and control of feedstock as well as the biological behaviour of biogas digesters operations – allowing for feedstock and biological process optimisation.

Bioprocess Control’s flagship product, the Automatic Methane Potential Test System (AMPTS), has become the preferred analytical instrument for conducting anaerobic batch fermentation tests in the biogas sector including, biochemical methane potential (BMP), specific methanogenic activity (SMA) and residual gas potential (RGP) tests.

The AMPTS has a number of benefits, first and foremost of which is a significant reduction in time and labour, so operations work more efficiently and cost-effectively. This user-friendly system allows for remote access, so the highly accurate data is at hand whenever it is needed, while the standardised measurement procedures, data interpretation and reports, provide meaningful data which is easily comparable and upon which sound business decisions can be made.

Now widely used by academic and commercial organisations, Bioprocess Control’s smart analytical instruments have been utilised by over 1,000 organisations in over 60 countries across the globe, which speaks volumes about the esteem in which they are held. Look at scientific database www.sciencedirect.com alone and you’ll find more than 400 scientific publication references to studies performed using their instruments.

As Dr Jing Liu, co-founder and CEO of Bioprocess Control and Associate Professor in the field of Environmental Biotechnology and Bioenergy at Lund University, Sweden explains: “The global biogas sector is growing and demand is increasing for feedstock analysis and process optimisation, enabling plant operations to work as efficiently as possible.” 

“We are continuing to invest in innovation and to ensure the highest product quality throughout our portfolio, and focus on being service minded, always meeting the needs of our customers.”

To read the original article, please visit the link from Water Industrial Journal online. To learn more about Bioprocess Control and its smart analytical instruments for biogas research and commercial applications, please read the company brochure